I DL for the past 3 yrs have been a client of Julaan Derrick, she was recommended very, very highly. Julaan proved to be a professional and capable lawyer and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. In my particular circumstance, it was a custody issue regarding my grandchildren. Everything turned out extremely well and basically to my satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend Julaan to anyone and I would not hesitate to use her again.

With Regards

To all:

It is difficult to tell you just how much I appreciate what you did for me. Your entire staff always treated me with dignity and respect even when I panicked and began to question everything. Without your efforts, I would have lost any resemblance of a secure future. You led me through the mine field of divorce and encouraged me to demand the benefits I really deserved. You earned my greatest admiration for the way you encouraged me to remain strong and protect those rights. You saw the possibilities and traps while keeping your eyes on a finish line that I never seemed to see until it was all over.

I am now trying to keep myself too busy to slip back into the old habits until I can trust my own judgements. You can congratulate yourselves for helping to mold a pitiful soul such as mine into a strong confident individual who will accept the offer of a second chance and look forward to all the tomorrows. You with your entire staff is responsible for my growth toward a wonderful future.

Always in my gratitude

My name is Bradley S. I am in my mid-twenties. Months after terminating a very short relationship with a woman, whom I found out had a drug problem, I was notified that I had a son that was four weeks old. I knew I needed legal advice as to what my options were as the father. I knew that Ms. Derrick had a reputation for fighting for fathers' rights, so I contacted her.

When I first consulted with Ms. Derrick, I didn't have any idea that it would be possible for me, an unmarried man, not identified on my son's birth certificate, to even get joint custody of my son, much less sole custody. After our first meeting, she told me that we would be seeking custody for me. Ms. Derrick and her staff worked diligently, through the Christmas holiday, with me, to help save my son from a potentially fatal situation. They were very thorough and exhausted every avenue to insure that I had the very best affidavits and proof that I needed to present in order to get my son.

Today I am a single father of a one year old. I have always wanted children and even though I might have done it a little differently, I would not give anything for my son. I am very thankful for Ms. Derrick and her entire staff for walking me through a very tough time in my life.

Bradley S.

We lost our daughter in May of 2015. She left us a beautiful granddaughter. We quickly found that we needed a family law attorney and also found that finding a good one was no easy task. Simply meeting with one is a very nerve-wracking experience when you know nothing about the Family Court system and the fact that a child's life and future depends on picking the right one.

We found Julaan Derrick and very quickly she put us at ease with our decision and that we had found the right attorney for our case. Our case was extremely complicated to begin with, but before we came to Julaan, we had another attorney on the case. Julaan took the case and corrected all of the problems and got it into a workable case and that is when we realized we were in the right hands. I learned quickly that just because we had the truth on our side, we would not have gotten the decision we did without the knowledge, experience and attention to detail that Julaan and her staff has.

Some of the things I really liked about her is that she was always honest with us and would tell us things that we needed to know whether we wanted to hear them or not. Julaan and her staff are always straight with you. Julaan and her staff educated us about the entire process and prepared us for every possible scenario, while always taking the time to address all our concerns and explaining the issues so that we understood them and that was no easy task considering that she was working with two frantic grandparents with no idea if or when they might get their granddaughter back.

With Julaan's immense knowledge, experience and attention to detail, she was able to take all the disparate facts and develop them into a winnable case. Julaan and her staff stayed with us through this whole process and fought like hell for us the entire way.

I have learned through experience that if you find yourself in need of a Family Law attorney in South Carolina, you will not find any better than Julaan Derrick and she has the record to prove it.

L.C. and J.C.

E.G. I contacted Dorsey Strickland after receiving a DUI. Not knowing how to deal with the legal issues and being unable to miss a lot of work, I needed guidance. Mr. Strickland was there from the beginning to the end to handle my case efficiently and effectively.

From the first day I contacted him, he took all the necessary steps to resolve my case and attended all hearings for me, without me ever missing a day of work. He made the process run as smoothly as possible. Ultimately, my DUI charge was dismissed. Mr. Strickland and his staff were there for me through a difficult time in my life and I appreciate everything that he was able to accomplish for me.

E.G., Conway, SC

Dorsey Strickland has determination, passion and solid work ethic. What really impressed me was his constant communication and his knowledge of Family Law, that is unsurpassable. His office staff is always warm, friendly and caring. I have had to use attorneys before, I can honestly say that Dorsey genuinely cares about your situation and is one of the finest in his profession. My case was in regards to custody and abandonment, and Dorsey knew exactly what to do to. Because of his knowledge and tenacity everything worked out great! Not only is he an awesome attorney, but he is a wonderful person.

I wholeheartedly recommend him (and I have several times now) to anyone who is in the midst of a custody/marital/family issue. You will find him to be a genuine advocate on your behalf.

M.A., Myrtle Beach, SC

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